China Star always keep in mind that it should fulfill its social responsibilities and return to the society when it is growing up.

Since its establishment, China Star has always focused on cultivating employees’ overall quality, investing human capital and financial resources in employees’ continuing education, providing opportunities for employees to attend the industry conferences and exhibitions abroad to learn and improve themselves. We have trained quite a lot young people who become the mainstay of the MICE industry in China. Even though some of them have left China Star to work for other industries, they agree that they obtained benefits from China Star’s training. When China Star trains its staff, it not only considers the development of company, but also pays much attention to the long-term development of the employees themselves with a strong hope that those who receive the training can soon contribute to the society instead of being a burden of the society. Therefore, in China Star’s company strategy, training is regarded as part of its corporate social responsibility.

China Star staff at ICCA Congress 2008 in Victoria, Canada
China Star staff at IMEX Frankfurt
China Star staff at IBTM America

China Star welcomes foreign students to intern in the company and provides sponsorship for food, housing, transportation and learning. After returning home, these students not only become the backbone of the MICE industry, but also assume the mission of the Chinese friendship ambassador and play an active role in promoting China to the world.

China Star keeps providing free training for partners
International interns participate in China Star’s training
According to incomplete statistics, over one thousand of MICE colleagues have participated in China Star’s training.

China Star’s social responsibilities are also reflected in promoting the development of China's industry of meetings and incentive travel. We hold annual training sessions to provide free training for industry peers for a period of 2 or 3 days and invite well-known domestic and foreign experts and professionals to give lessons. The purpose is to improve the overall quality of practitioners in China’s meetings and incentive travel industry, and raise the industry's soft power.

China Star is willing to share. When peer companies need help, China Star always spares no effort to share its own experience and resources. Liu Ping, the founder of China Star, is often invited to do training for other companies. Though she is busy with her own work, she always tries her best to assist others and never refuses their training request under any circumstances. She always carefully prepares her presentation, often working late into the night. Liu Ping believes that cultivating young people is her own social responsibility as well as China Star's.

Liu Ping is sharing “My Chinese Dream”
Inspiring youngsters in Sanya with her own stories Training for young MICE practitioners in Huairou, Beijing

Showing love and concern for society is another form of China Star to fulfill its social responsibilities.

China Star separately donated money to Wenchuan and Yushu earthquake-hit area immediately after the disaster occurred, offering the love of the company and employees.

We also donate money to ethnic minority areas to help minority students receive higher education. Our company and Ambassador Programs cooperated to collect fund to build teaching buildings and libraries for poverty-stricken areas in southwest China.

Library donated to a village primary school in Shaanxi province
A teaching building donated to a village in Guizhou province
A teaching buildings donated to a village school in Guilin, Guangxi province

We actively introduce and recommend Guizhou Miao embroidery to overseas customers to help save the non-cultural heritage of ethnic minorities, support Miao females in picking up embroidery needles, and inherit the exquisite Miao embroidery skills.

The Tibetan School for Blind Children is the long-term target for China Star to aid. Every year, we have a fixed amount of funds for the blind children’s continuing education, purchasing school supplies for them and sponsoring the blind children to go to the university to further their studies and solving their living problems.

China Star is determined to keep carrying out social responsibilities!

Primary school in Shigatse prefecture received books from, China Star
Guizhou Miao embroidery
Students in the Tibetan School for Blind Children