In today’s ever-changing world, we need to learn constantly to improve ourselves and keep pace with the development of the times.

China Star attaches great importance to the training of employees. In addition to the regular annual training sessions, we also conduct periodic training activities year around.

China Star 2010 Training Session
China Star 2011 Training Session

In our annual training session, we invite industry and cross-industry experts from home and abroad to do the training, which covers a wide range of content including meetings and incentive travel, new technology, internet, politics, economics, law, art, wine culture, etc. We try to equip our staff with a comprehensive knowledge. At the same time, we provide opportunities for our staff to participate in professional training courses organized by international organizations such as ICCA, MPI and SITE. We also actively participate in training sessions and professional seminars organized by relevant domestic organizations.

President of SITE is doing the training for China Star
Lecture by Mr. Long Yongtu “China’s soft power”
Lecture by international risk management expert on Risk Management

Our training takes the approach of bringing in and going out. In order to ensure each destination in China has consistent quality and concept of service, China Star also goes out to train partners and suppliers in the other destination cities of China.

Gubei Water Town Training Session in early 2017
Gubei Water Town Training Session in early 2017
Gubei Water Town Training Session in early 2017

For every meeting, event or incentive travel project, we will specifically conduct targeted training to ensure the seamless connection of all parts of work and the smooth cooperation among relevant departments.

China Star also trains each employee's verbal dexterity. Each project manager must have the ability to teach and train conference volunteers. For each volunteer training, company leaders carry out the supervision personally; project managers are responsible for the briefing on the conference and each China Star staff member is in charge of one-on-one teaching. All the work is done meticulously to make each volunteer fully understand the nature of the conference and service needs, and to ensure that everything is well managed.

China Star invites Wang Xiaoxin, founder of Event Manager to give a at China Star' s 2017 a winter training session.
Liu Ping and Wang Xiaoxin
China Star winter training session in Shanghai at the end of 2017

China Star will stick on its strategy of education and training. It’s our long-term goal to cultivate each employee into a composite talent in the MICE industry!

Training by MPI
Confident after training
China Star takes turns to train its staff and provide opportunities for them who love the MICE industry.